photo not available a Private Residence in Blossom Valley (East San Diego county), California... - a sporadically developing site about places to play pool!
Welcome, let's enjoy life and shooting pool!

I want to list every "pool" venue open to the public!
We would like to list number of pool tables, snooker, billiards, bumper pool,etc.!
Now (9/12/2011) let's include darts too. But not beer pong, sorry!
Food and beverage service, under-21 allowed or not, music, dancing, the whole story on your place.
So send us the info about your place and we will list it, with links and pictures!
I plan to start in East San Diego County, and spread, eventually to cover the world, then outer space!!!

To contact me to tell me about your place, or send feedback, or buy this site for E6$, use this form: contact form